Vías de la Salud – Community Health Worker Certification Training

“Vías de la Salud” Community Health Worker Certification Training Program

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The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Latino Health Initiative (LHI) “Vías de la Salud” Community Health Worker (CHW) Certification Training Program is an accredited program by the Maryland Department of Health.

The main objective is to train participants to provide health promotion interventions and enhance clients’ access to care, resources, and support services, improving the health and well-being of underserved communities.

The training is delivered in Spanish and advances LHI’s mission of addressing health, language, and professional disparities impacting Latinos in Montgomery County by increasing the availability of Spanish-speaking health professionals and improving health outcomes for limited English proficiency (LEP) populations.

This LHI designed 12-module training program includes 100 hours of in-person and virtual instruction along with a 40-hour practicum and is based on the nine competencies required by the State of Maryland to obtain a community health worker certification.

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Participants learn about public health and health promotion theories and approaches, within an interactive and participatory environment, putting those lessons into practice in classroom activities and through a practicum experience.

Course activities connect concepts and theories with participants’ own experience and knowledge, promoting group discussion and encouraging critical thinking. Each course module focuses on a specific CHW core competency, which is reinforced, applied, and developed across the entire curriculum.


Participants will have the opportunity to apply public health concepts, approaches, and skills, under supervision at different practicum sites. The 40-hour practicum is planned, supervised, and evaluated in coordination with each site. Participants keep a portfolio tracking their practicum work and submit this as part of their final evaluation.


Student evaluation is conducted throughout the training and consists of module assignments and quizzes, a final exam, and a final presentation. Also, full attendance and completion of the 40-hour practicum are required for successful completion of the program.

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