Por Nuestra Salud y Bienestar

Por Nuestra Salud y Bienestar

Contact Roberto Garza Rodriguez • 240-930-7717
[email protected]

One-stop wrap-around services to address the Latino community needs.

The "Por Nuestra Salud y Bienestar" (For Our Health and Wellbeing) initiative was developed to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 among the Latino community in Montgomery County. The initiative offers a range of services in Spanish and in a cultural and proficient manner. Services include case management, community mental health support groups, a bilingual helpline, effective communication campaigns, and community health workers outreach to provide referrals to health and human resources and education. Until June 2023, Por Nuestra Salud y Bienestar offered COVID-19 testing and vaccination. This initiative was established through a public-private partnership, sponsored by the Offices of Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich and Councilmembers Nancy Navarro and Gabriel Albornoz, along with seven community-based organizations.

Community Mental Health Services

Offers free, virtual, non-clinical, and culturally appropriate emotional support groups in Spanish and English for adults and adolescents.

Contact Mónica Wainbarg • 240-750-3101
[email protected]

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  • High School Youth
  • Women 25 years and older
  • Men 25 years and older

Case Management Services

Offers free case management services in Spanish and refers clients to access county and community agency health and social services.

Assistance with:

  1. SNAP (Food Stamp) Applications
  2. Health insurance and utilities, among others.
Contact Ximena 240-702-6127 or Maribel • 301-800-5519
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COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination

Through culturally sensitive COVID-19 testing and vaccination services, we have provided accessible healthcare to Montgomery County. This component concluded its impactful journey on May 11, 2023.

Data Points FY21-FY23:

  • Total COVID-19 tests conducted: 130,489
  • Total vaccinations administered: 53,399
  • Total events hosted:  Over 2000 events across 60 sites

Health Promoters

Our dedicated health promoters throughout the pandemic were frontline heroes who tirelessly reached out to community members, offering vital information to prevent COVID-19, and promoting testing and vaccination. Their efforts impacted the lives of 534,184 Latinos through community-based approaches. While the COVID-19 component has ended, they now impact other essential topics. Click the link to learn more about Health Promoters Outreach and Education program.

The bilingual helpline 301-270-8432, which operates in both Spanish and English, offered a critical service that facilitated referrals for 99,450 individuals. It improved access to essential resources, including information on COVID-19 testing and vaccination, food assistance, and various county programs and services. It comprehensively addressed community needs through guided phone navigation by linking individuals with other program components such as case management, testing, and vaccination. Click the link to discover more about the System Navigator and Interpreter program.



Communication has been crucial in disseminating essential information across  various platforms, such as social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, Website, printouts, newspaper ads, PSAs, radio interviews, and TV appearances.

Its primary goals continue to be to educate the community on prevention measures and offer information on all services provided by the LHI. It led communication campaigns such as creating "La Abuelina," which tailored communication outreach to the Latino targeted population. This component significantly contributed to saving lives during the pandemic by ensuring the community remained informed and aware. Follow us on our social media pages @LatinoHealthInitiative.

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