Health Promoters Outreach and Education

Health Promoters Outreach and Education

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Promoting the health and well-being of the Latino community

LHI Health Promoters deliver vital health and wellness information to Latinos throughout Montgomery County by:

  • Promoting the importance of healthy eating and physical activity
  • Facilitating access to healthcare
  • Preventing tobacco use

Through their tireless outreach, LHI Health Promoters inform residents about community clinics, health insurance options for the uninsured or underinsured, as well as other available community resources.

Our Health Promoters deliver healthy eating workshops, conduct walking groups (Caminatas) and provide community health and resource information at school health fairs, churches, libraries, as well as amongst neighbors and friends.  Health Promoters also advocate for their community, bringing attention to service gaps, the need for service improvements, through direct advocacy to local elected officials and community leaders.

Latinos disproportionately face many barriers to health care services and suffer from higher rates of heart disease and diabetes, which is why adopting healthy habits to prevent these illnesses is so important.

LHI Health Promoters are trained volunteers who are dedicated to helping members of their community prevent illness and access health resources. Health Promoters are active in their communities:

  • Delivering healthy eating workshops
  • Conducting Caminatas walking groups
  • Providing community resource information at schools, churches, libraries and throughout the County
  • Advocating for community needs, bringing attention to service gaps


“The Health Promoters program serves as an informative guide for the community.  It helps the community feel heard and supported.  As a new Health Promoter, the program has provided me with the vital knowledge and tools to not just be a resource to my community, but to help identify challenges that affect us and what we can do to resolve them.  This program is vital for the success and wellbeing of our people.“

Margarita Hernandez, LHI Health Promoter

Contact us to learn more about our Health Promotion outreach and see our current outreach calendar below.