Climate and Health Education

Climate and Health Education

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The Climate Crisis is a Health Crisis. Be the Change for a Healthy Planet and Healthy Life!

LHI recognizes that the health impacts of climate change disproportionately affect vulnerable and disadvantaged communities – including Montgomery County Latinos – by undermining the quality, stability, and access to basic life necessities including air, water, food, shelter, and security.

From incorporating climate-related components into our programs to developing community capacity to confront climate change, LHI is committed to taking climate action!

“Charlemos con Zumba” (Let’s Chat with Zumba)

This interactive exercise program promotes physical activity and social connection amongst participants while incorporating awareness raising presentations on current climate related topics. Presentations feature community partners from environmental organizations, who educate participants on the connection between the natural environment and our health and well-being. Participants receive climate action kits to encourage them to make changes at home to improve their health and take climate action.

"Nuestro Granito de Arena" Film Festival

Ambassadors climate stories and capacity-building workshop delivered in partnership with the Climate Stories Project, the Department of Environmental Protection, and other community partners. Climate change poses many threats to our health and well-being, including risks associated with extreme heat and flooding from heavy storms.

In the workshop participants learned about:

  • The impacts of climate change on their community
  • Advocacy and communication skills to inspire others to take action
  • The power of storytelling to promote community-based solutions


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