Asthma Management

Asthma Management

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Advocating for your child’s respiratory health

LHI’s Asthma Management Program provides FREE workshops for Parents and Caregivers in Spanish to help families with young children manage their children’s asthma-related symptoms.

Program participants learn about the environmental factors that can cause or worsen Asthma symptoms, and how to eliminate them or reduce their impact.

After completing the workshop families will be able to:

  • Understand the signs and symptoms of asthma
  • Identify and avoid triggers
  • Develop a customized asthma management plan
  • Properly administer asthma-related medications

Free food and childcare are provided at each workshop and LHI provides participants with free follow-up support to ensure they are applying workshop lessons at home.

LHI’s Asthma Management Program seeks to reduce asthma related emergency room visits and hospitalizations by increasing awareness, providing education, and empowering Latino families to properly self-manage their kids’ Asthma symptoms.

Things you should know

  • Asthma is commonly diagnosed in childhood
  • Many Latino youth in Montgomery County miss school days or go to hospital emergency rooms because of their Asthma
  • Asthma is a chronic condition without a cure but you can learn to control your symptoms

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Contact us to learn more about the Asthma Management Program and see our current workshop calendar below.