About Us

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of Latinos living in Montgomery County by contributing to the development and implementation of an integrated, coordinated, culturally and linguistically competent health wellness system that supports, values, and respects Latino families and communities.

LHI promotes a comprehensive and holistic approach to health and wellness by working with stakeholders throughout the County to:

  • Enhance coordination of existing health programs and services targeting Latinos
  • Develop models of programs and services for Latinos
  • Provide technical assistance to programs and services serving Latinos
  • Advocate for policies and practices that effectively reach Montgomery County’s Latino Communities
Reached over
individuals through Latino Health Initiative programs and activities.
Achieved a succes rate of
of community members accessing health or social services via LHI's referrals.
Volunteers provided
hours in outreach related to the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
Achieved an average
in increased wages among internationally trained health professionals.

Our Story

Since our founding in 2000, LHI has been addressing the health, language, economic and professional disparities impacting Latinos by developing innovative program interventions responding to their needs.  Over the past 20 years, LHI has played a key role in developing solutions to problems that impact the health and wellness of Montgomery County residents.

Significant Moments in the History


  • Latino Health Initiative (LHI) is officially launched
  • 1st study on the health needs of Latinos in the county


  • La Clínica, video on early colon cancer detection, is released
  • Conference on Healthcare Policies and Practices


  • Data Working Group is organized
  • 1st Blueprint for Latino Health is published


  • Latino Youth Wellness, Healthcare Navigation, and interpreter programs are launched
  • Health Professionals Working Group is organized
  • LHI leads Pedestrian Safety Campaign


  • Health Promoter Program is adopted and expanded
  • Report on study of need for licensure of foreign-trained nurses
  • Community forum coordinated with members of the County Council


  • Montgomery Best Honor Award program
  • NACO Achievement Award for cancer prevention program
  • First Ama tu Vida health fair


  • Asthma Management and Smoking Cessation programs begin
  • Article on physical activity of Latina girls is published
  • Pilot program for nurses begins


  • First cancer survey in Montgomery County
  • Guide for service providers on "How to Deal with Latino Data"


  • Second Blueprint for Latino Health is published
  • NACO Award tor Pilot Program of Foreign-Trained Nurses


  • Maryland's first workshop on Latino Health
  • Publication of second community version of the Blueprint


  • Lauching of the Welcome Back Center of Suburban Maryland


  • Pluribus Unum Award for performance of Welcome Back Center
  • Community meeting with Healthy Montgomery to gather information on the needs of Latinos
  • "Encuentro de Lideres: Planeando el Futuro" workshop


  • Internationally-Trained Behavioral Health Professionals Program is launched
  • Technical assistance provided to MD Health Department on improving healthcare delivery to Latinos


  • Support for establishment of Leadership Institute for Equity and Elimination of Disparities


  • Workshop on Latino Health at the National Immigrant Integration Conference
  • Community forums on how to sign up for "Obamacare"


  • Participation in White House experts meeting on the integration of immigrants
  • Family Reunification pilot program begins


  • Development of support curriculum on Latino access to the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Welcome Back Center co-sponsors forum at Capitol to gain legislative support to foreign-trained health professionals


  • Publication of third edition of the Blueprint


  • Publication of third community version of the Blueprint
  • Strengthening infrastructure. Creation of four permanent positions.

Our Team

The Latino Health Initiative is comprised of dedicated Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services staff, expert volunteer professionals that make up our Latino Health Steering Committee, and our passionate cohort of volunteer Community Health Workers.  Together this dynamic group works throughout the county to improve the health and wellbeing of Latinos by enhancing coordination of health programs and services, developing innovative program models and services, and advocating for policies and practices that enhance the quality of life for all County residents.

Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Report

Discover our 2023 Annual Report and the impactful initiatives.

Blueprint for Latino Health

The Blueprint for Latino Health in Montgomery County, MD, from 2017-2026 outlines critical priorities, recommendations, and goals for enhancing the health and wellness outcomes of the Latino community. It's a valuable resource for creating culturally and linguistically competent policies and programs to improve their medical care.

Blueprint for Community Outreach

This Blueprint for Community Outreach outlines the top priorities, goals, and recommendations for enhancing the health and well-being of the Latino community in the county from 2017 to 2026. This document serves as a crucial resource for developing policies, programs, and initiatives to address the healthcare concerns of the Latino population in the county.

Partners and Collaborators

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